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13th-May-2006 05:15 pm
     This was a diasappointing day, since I'd expected to be at an orchid show in Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia -- something went awry with my orchid club's bus charter.
     When I came back after wasted hours going to the center of Staten Island at crack of dawn, I again tried mucking around with Blogger templates.  One thing I've noticed is that the smarter the person writing the blog, the less they've mucked around with whatever was default for their blogging sytem.  That affirms my belief that most of HTML and CSS is fritterware.  I wish I could make easily make something as visually simple as what I put together here in LJ.  Why does everybody want to write in a small column with over a third of the horizontal space wasted?
     I'm not optimistic that I can get LJ to ping into Technorati, but this composition using Zohowriter is an attempt to repeat the earlier success when I used ZohoWriter.  Only a few moments ago did I notice that "Arvind" from Zoho commented me -- I feel so loved!  But, honestly, Zohowriter does give me warm fuzzies.  I'm not quite sure why, but it reminds me of Samna Ami 1.0, the first word processor for Windows.

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