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Zohowriter -- social Web 2.0 PIMs 
6th-May-2006 10:42 pm
     This is my first effort creating a blog post using Zohowriter with the intent of exporting directly into Livejournal.  We shall see ...
     I was in the Village at a rather dull meeting and thought back to when every girl in Manhattan had a Palm Pilot with her friends, contacts and to-the-minute schedule in it. As an aside, I loved the anal retentive Olsen twin in New York Minute who had even her bathroom trips scheduled in her Day Runner.
     That train of though also had me remembering when there were Palm Pilot syncing stations at most Greenwich Village sidewalk phones -- the notion was to get local info, maps, happenings, etc. Wi-Fi now and Wi-Max later make that seem retarded.  I also recall the Manhattan launch party for Mozilla 1.0, held in a bar patterned on Parisian meeting spots of the 1890s where people would phone other tables in an attempt to get something on.  That launch party bar added TV cameras you could swivel to view patrons in further reaches of the club. Lamentably, we initially had oodles of Chinatown cuties who'd come in for reasons unknown, decided we were too geeky, and were all gone by 10:00 P.M.
     I believe that Web 2.0 PIMs can be an organizing theme for entertainment event info and dating/matchmaking services.  With cellies also offering cameras, I can also imagine something akin to that experience in the Mozilla launch club.

[5 Minutes later: OK, Zohowriter worked very nicely for this post. But what really surprised me is that Technorati immediately picked up that there is new material here. Dunno if that was Zoho or LJ's doing, but it's pretty damn slick!]
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